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Driving Lessons in Chester by Matt Bowdler School of Motoring
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Welcome to Matt Bowdler School of Motoring - Driving Lessons in Chester

Driving ambitions ? Then learn to drive now ! My name is matt bowdler, I am a local instructor Offering automatic driving lessons for pupils of all abilities, throughout chester and surrounding areas, why choose automatic ? So having taught manual for 14 years, I found that not all learners were able to coordinate the clutch control and gear selections whilst concentrating on the road ahead. Learning in an automatic simplifies this, no clutch and no gear changes, this means you will have more time to think and be better prepaired to react in todays ever changing traffic conditions. Making the whole learning process less stressfull. So, what are you waiting for, call me today.

Call Matt Bowdler now on 07769 565120

Matt Bowdler's Top Tips for Driving Success

Ok so it's a nice sunny day in Chester, you're about to take your practical driving test, and the nerves have begun to set in. The day of your driving test can be a daunting experience even in the relatively calm streets of Chester so before you get to that point have a look at my top ten tips for conquering driving test nerves.

  • Make sure you are properly prepared, having a mock test, will highlight any faults in your driving, giving you time to work on them before the driving test.
  • Always make sure you eat something before your driving test. There are a few shops near the test centre in Chester so be sure to grab something before you start the test. I know from experience this helps, if you are hungry, your concentration suffers.
  • Use your knowledge of the Chester area. You will have been driving around on your lessons in Chester so use this to your advantage, remember lane disciplines, speed limits, etc.
  • Remember don't change anything in your driving, just drive as you would on a normal driving lesson.
  • On the day before your driving test, if possible try to have a driving lesson in Chester. This will to keep everything fresh in your mind on the day of your driving test.
  • Give some thought to choosing a driving test time that will suit you better. As you know from your driving lessons in Chester, certain times of the day are busier than others, also some pupils aren't as alert in the mornings as others.
  • Make sure you have revised the show / tell questions. You I will talk you through these on your driving lessons beforehand, and remember to listen carefully to any driving instructions given.
  • "Know your rights" - you are allowed an observer on your driving test. This means you are allowed either your driving instructor or a friend to sit in on your driving test. The observer must be made aware of the proper protocol while on the driving test.
  • If you are asked by the driving test examiner, if it's ok for another examiner to sit in and observe your driving test, you can say no!
  • "Practice" studies have shown, that pupils who have taken more driving lessons are more likely to pass first time. So remember you need to put the hours in!

Why learn to drive in Chester with Matt Bowdler?

If you are looking to take driving lessons in or around Chester, then you need to give me a call. I offer fun, modern teaching methods, delivered in a calm and patient manner.

Everything you learn will be structured to your individual needs, resulting in safe driving skills for life.

Winner of the british school of motoring 2009 award for the highest first time pass rate, my knowledge and experience will give you the confidence to succeed. So whether you are an absolute beginner, or have some experience to build on, make the right choice and call me today.

I will have you driving in Chester within the first 30 minutes


"I started learning with a well known national driving school, but after a few lessons felt i wasnt making any progress. After asking a friend who she passed with, I changed to Matt. He instantly improved my technique and confidence with routines and a proper structured lesson plan. I wish I had gone straight to Matt as I wasted so much money with the other school. I went on to pass first time."


"Myself and 5 of my friends all passed first time with Matt, he gave me a progress chart which I found really helpful, it showed how I was getting on after each lesson. Matt was always able to fit my driving lessons in at times that suited me, and was never late. He advised me when I was ready for my test and I am now a confident driver."


"I passed my driving test first time with Matt, I love being able to jump in my car and go off where ever I like. I liked Matt's direct and friendly instruction, and never being late for a driving lesson. Matt was also really knowledgable and helpful with the revision for my driving test. I would recommend Matt to anyone."

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